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GotBoost Perfomance FLEX FUEL Kit

GotBoost Perfomance FLEX FUEL Kit


The most complete flex fuel kit on the market for the Nissan GT-R. Includes everything you need except tuning for a complete Flex Fuel capable GT-R. Run anything from 100% pump gas to E85 or any mixture in between. The ECU will self calibrate the appropriate fueling. Works with Cobb or Ecutek Tuning, or most other aftermarket tuning systems. No need to send your fuel dampener to us as our kit is truly plug-and-play with no wait time.


Features of the GotBoost Flex Fuel Kit:

  • Value compared to some other systems out there, $799 retail for the most complete kit.
  • Mounting brackets for the flex fuel sensor.
  • Heat shield for Flex fuel sensor that keeps reflected heat to a minimum.
  • Hose and fitting quality, we use Teflon lined, steel braid jacketed AN hose, and the highest quality fittings available.
  • Fail safe system on harness and signal conversion cable. (if there is a problem with the system, the LED will glow constant on.)
  • Fuel over-temp warning. ( If your fuel temps go too high, the LED will rapid blink) This can be a problem with some of the high flow fuel systems, especially in very hot weather, it is a nice feature to have.
  • Fuel dampener replacement fitting. (no need to send your old fuel return hose with dampener back to the vendor) Our kit is truly plug-and-play.
  • Dust caps are installed in all fuel fittings, keeping unwanted dust or dirt from entering before install.


Click Here to View Installation Kit Manual


International orders – please contact us for a shipping quote

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