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GotBoost Performance R35 GT-R Speed Density Kit

GotBoost Performance R35 GT-R Speed Density Kit


We’re excited to introduce the world’s first complete Mass Air Flow (MAF) delete and Intake Air Temperature (IAT) conversion kit for the Nissan GT-R R35.


Aftermarket engine control systems geared for high boost application use a speed density (SD) measurement to calculate air charge for combustion. This alternate way of measuring eliminates the shortcomings of the OEM air flow meters which saturate their signal early and are prone to irregular readings with aftermarket components installed. The OEM air flow meter device also contains an embedded thermistor for Intake Air Temperature (IAT) measurement used for cold start assist and engine diagnostics.

In a Speed Density system, two data points are required to accurately gauge air density: The air charge pressure, and its temperature. A proper charge pressure can be measured accurately at any of the 3 sensors present on the GT-R, however the available air temperature reading is built into the MAF sensor, which still measures temperature at the cooler intake point, before turbo compression, intercoolers: Far from the actual pressure measurement point. So up until now, the MAF sensor is still required for its temperature reading. Current SD conversion attempts compromise either the air temperature reading by leaving the MAF in place, or relocate it to the air charge intercooler pipe near the pressure reading: Neither conversion eliminate the use of the MAF, and compromise either air flow or density calculation and require custom made intercooler pipes.

After rigorous testing, here is the first and most effective Speed Density conversion kit:

  • 100% Plug & Play
  • Uses IAT and MAP in a single sensor package while keeping OEM look and feel
  • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket intercooler pipes (Aftermarket pipes designed to accommodate the OEM MAP sensor should be compatible)
  • Allows complete removal of MAF sensor for more efficient air flow
  • 100% OEM readings, no sensor calibration or adjustments required!
  • Complete transition looms with high quality OEM sealed connectors
  • Manufactured with the high quality SAE J-5160 wiring materials
  • Replicated OEM wire colors
  • Fully reversible: no cutting, no splicing & no tapping required!
  • Also includes extra connectors for harness side MAF loom plug blanking


At the heart of this true Plug & Play SD conversion kit is a relocation of the IAT sensor from the OEM MAF assembly into the intercooler MAP sensor package. This elegant approach at combining both pressure and temperature readings in a single point increases accuracy and gives OEM look and fitment.


Two kit versions were designed and are available for purchase.
Designed for the highly modified setup, this kit provides the full MAF delete and pass-through MAP
loom. A pair of sealed terminal connectors is provided to blank the vehicle harness MAF plugs. The
engine side IAT signal is rerouted to the SD MAP sensor with a custom made high quality loom that
adapts between the existing OEM MAP sensor harness connector and SD MAP sensor.

Designed for a setup where rapid change is required between Air Flow and Speed Density
configurations. This kit adds to KIT A by providing a MAF sensor side pass through loom. This
additional MAF loom is normally sealed with blanking connectors when running in SD mode, but
allows MAF sensor to be reused without removing the kit and preserves the IAT sensor relocation
functionality. This kit is also ideal for Air Flow based setups to gauge turbocharger and intercooler
relative efficiency, by measuring air temperature after the intercoolers.


International orders – please contact us for a shipping quote


Click Here For the R35 GT-R Speed Density Kit Intallation Manual

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