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GT-R Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit

GT-R Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit


GotBoost Performance is proud to announce availability of the world’s first Plug’n’Play Fuel Pressure Sensor kit for the Nissan GT-R R35.


When combined with aftermarket engine management software, the GotBoost Performance fuel pressure sensor kit enables telemetry, fuel system failsafe mechanisms and fuel delivery controls capabilities. With high power engine modifications, a fuel system can suffer from various issues such as inadequate current to pumps, fuel flow outside of regulator specifications, and mismatched primary & secondary pump setups, or uneven rising rate pressure regulation. The GotBoost Fuel Pressure sensor kit provides tuners & owners increased confidence & tuning capabilities.


Conceived with ease of installation and precision in mind, the fuel pressure sensor kit features the unique GotBoost fuel rail adapter with exclusive PeekSense port design to insure precise reading with maximum flow capability. This unique rail adapter is a direct fit for OEM fuel rails and aftermarket fuel rails with OE spec flange. Combined with a custom 316L Stainless Steel pressure sensor with purpose matched scale, OEM harness components and custom length replacement bolts, the Fuel Pressure Kit is very much a drop-in component with OEM fitment.

  • 100% Plug & Play & compatible with GotBoost SD Kit installation
  • Custom anodized fuel rail adapter with PeekSense profiled sensor port
  • Compatible with OEM fuel rail flange and aftermarket*
  • GotBoost spec 316L Stainless fuel pressure sensor with wide fuel compatibility
  • Installs at Manufacturer’s reference measurement location
  • High quality genuine OEM harness connectors
  • Manufactured with SAE J-1128 spec wiring material
  • Fully reversible: no cutting, no splicing & no tapping required!


*Aftermarket fuel rails with OEM flange. Contact GotBoost Performance for more details.


The R35 GT-R is equipped with a Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator which commands equal fuel rail pressure relative to the intake manifold pressure regardless of boost or vacuum. This means that for each absolute pressure unit of boost, the regulator increases fuel pressure by the same rate in order to maintain the same relative fuel injection pressure.




Click Here to Download the Fuel Pressure Kit Installation Manual


International orders – please contact us for a shipping quote

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