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MAF Delete 3" Intakes

MAF Delete 3" Intakes


These are identical to the original GotBoost intakes with the esception that they do not have a MAF Sensor block welded onto the intake tube. These give a "clean look" for customers running SD tuning where a MAF sensor is not required.


MAF Delete Block-Off Plates are for those who want to remove their MAF sensors from their intake tubes in order to move to Speed Density Tuning.


No MAF in the intake results in a cleaner engine bay appearance along with no sensor disrupting airflow. These are CNC machined to fit most MAF blocks, and the kit comes with gaskets and stainless steel hardware, including button head fasteners. They are black hard anodized and have the engraved GBP logo.


Also check out our GT-R Speed Density Kit, a plug-and-play solution for those wanting Speed Density Tuning for their Nissan GT-R.


International orders – please contact us for a shipping quote

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